Meet Gwen Lavender

What I Do:   I am the CAO (Chief Anointed Officer) and founder of LAVENDER AND SAGE CONNECTIONS .  SAGE (Sister's Aging Gracefully and Elegantly).  I serve women over 50, as their Life Coach, Mentor, Event Host and Speaker.   I am known as the Midwife to the woman over 50 helping her give birth to her dream, vision, purpose, accomplish her goals and have more fulfilling life experiences.

I am a certified Life Coach, with focus in Personal Development Coaching,  Professional training was obtained at the The Coach and Positive Psychology CaPP Institute and member of the International Coaching Federation.   My lifework, lifejoy and professional calling is encouraging and supporting women.

What I Believe:   I believe in you,  I am a Woman of Faith and I believe you can be, do and have what you yearn for and  be, do and have what God says you can have