Precious And Priceless Commodity

What is your most precious and priceless commodity?
Know this about your priceless commodity: If you had the best credit score, top line credit history, and a trillion dollars you can’t buy it; you can’t borrow it from or lend it to your closest family or friend. It’s truly priceless personal possession that is non-transferrable. It’s more valuable than money, fame, silver or gold? And it belongs to you, because it is not a respecter of persons. The answer is ” YOUR Time”.

Now, the question becomes, how can you best honor your priceless gift?
Know this about your Time: Each day begins with 86,400 seconds that won’t carry over to the next day. So, it’s critical that you honor and protect your time. Because there are so many thieves trying distract you and rob you of the present time, the golden moments. One of the best overall ways to honor your time and live your best life is by living intentionally and doing the things that bring you joy, peace, love, happiness and gives God the glory. Living authentically and doing and being the person that does not compromise your values leads to living your best life. Believe me, you have choices in life but often get so busy and caught up in the cares of life and the business of others that we often put ourselves on the back burner. I’m here to say that it’s okay to give yourself permission to take care of yourself first and then others. I fly a lot, and the flight attendant tell us, in case of emergency take care of yourself first and then help others, even your child. This applies to your time in general, every day, protect your time and you will have an even better quality time to give to others. Be encouraged and take actions to move forward in a way each day to protect your most precious commodity, your time. (For more listen to my audio, 7 Steps to Letting Go and Moving Forward in 2017)

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